Song Stories: Into The Wilderness


Lions and lambs
Doubters and grieved
We stole the heart of the King
Liars and thieves
Cowards and kings
We stole the heart of the King.

But faith is the darkness where you dwell

Wicked and bare
Grace and despair
These words are on the heart of the King
Rejection and shame
Hatred and fame
These words are on the heart of the King

But I didn't know you were the King

Sing to me a melody
Of reckoning praise
Of glory and grace

But I didn't know you were the King 


When we began this project, I was undoubtedly battling mental health issues. There was an overwhelming feeling of guilt and brokenness that frankly, never truly went away. I knew the majority of that was likely self-inflicted, but could never understand why the feelings were so intense. I spent the better part of a year in and out of therapy, on different meds and ultimately learned that this feeling was not something I was completely alone in. 

Into The Wilderness became one of the first songs I wrote on this record. I myself needed a daily reminder, a mantra, that despite my short-comings, I was not alone. 

"All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God."
(Romans 3:23)

I still question the purpose of religion vs. relationship with God, it's sparked many a controversy in our household. Religion is something that we as human beings have influence over, and have ultimately corrupted through misinterpretation and religious zealot constructs. Relationship by it's very nature is personal and defined by self first and foremost. I choose this for my own natural focus and needs. Through my time of doubt, I've learned that I am a follower of Jesus Christ...and that's as far as the conversation needs to go. In an inquisitive world, standing for something, anything, is sometimes all that we have. With as much love and respect I can give, I honor those around me that do not believe as I do. 

Ultimately, I've found hope in taking a deeper understanding of my relationship with God, religion and faith. I don't know that I'll ever feel completely free from that broken bondage, but I know there will always be someone ready, willing, and able to bear that cross. 

- Mychael